Tales of Graces



I love Pascal. She's kind of ditzy, but she's really smart and always cheerful. The Tales series mages always seem to be kind of scatterbrained ruins freaks, but that's ok.

I picked this costume because it was another quick one I thought wouldn't take too much work.

Leggings& shirt came from American Apparel, but I had to alter the neckline on the shirt to make it more accurate

Both sets of gloves came from

The shorts came from target

I spent a ridiculous amount of time sewing the dumb harness thing, but I think it came out really nicely. After wearing it for a few hours, I think I may need to tack the bags down to the belt a little better, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

The red parts of the wig was done with 3 sharpie markers& a marathon of bad Syfy channel moves.


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Series Tales of Graces
Character Pascal


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