Neo Queen Serenity

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



This costume was a labour of love for me, I fell in love with the dress way back when I was young and first watched Sailor Moon with my dad instead of watching Disney movies. I took many years for me to finally get the chance.

I’m so happy with they way it turned out and I hope that someone else likes it as much as I do.


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Last Updated 3 years ago
Created 7 years ago
Series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Character Neo Queen Serenity
Variant Manga


Miss Mace You look really pretty in this costume (& v.2).

AlaizabelCray Easily my favorite costume of yours. Probably one of the best Neo-Queen Serenity costumes I've ever seen!

LinkPwnsGanon really beautiful!

Rogue-dono Gaah!! This is such a beautiful costume!! I love the craftmanship and attention to detail! You look very lovely and bring out the character beautifully!

Creative Genius you're so beautiful!

celticzombie Wow. Stunning work. Love the dress!

~H~ I think the this is the loveliest and best-made Serenity cosplay I've seen ^_^. Beautiful work!

mmmeggg Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. You did the costume justice, without a doubt.

KitoCosplay (bows before Neo-Queen Serenity)

Makoto-Sama This is beautiful!!! Very well-made! Your efforts have paid off! I love this costume! Please continue to display your craftsmanship in the future. I look forward to seeing more of your work!