Judge Holloway

Silent Hill

My fascination with this costume started when I noticed the argyle-like pattern on her lavendar tank-top on the character map...after that I was hooked, what can I say? The sweater took the longest to track down, but it has that heather gray look to it, so it was well worth the wait. It used to be a huge, shapeless thing made for bigger sizes and I formed it into a fitted cardigan. I added the diamonds and little lines on the tank top by using the undershirt that was built into it. The skirt was made from scratch out of moleskin fabric which I thought mimicked the look of suede the best. The shoes are actually just high heels that have been painted and had the ankle straps added since I did not feel like making them from scratch. The gold buckle on them is made out of model magic.

The wig is actually my old Elle wig, and yes I know their hair is a different shade of blond. I tried to do this costume on the cheap, but it still cost me about $30 I'd say. I pulled the wig into a high pony and my mom did the bun for me after countless failed attempts haha...

The props were the most fun aspect of this outfit. I made the 4 items which trigger boss battles in this game: Joey's watch, Scarlet's doll, Nora's locket and Josh's ring. The watch was made from nothing but a blank wooden disk for the watch face. I affixed the model maps for the front/back of the watch since they were too small for me to actually make. I added a knob to tune the time, the parts which hold the straps, the portion which closes the watch and constructed the straps themselves. The straps are made out of a faux snake print which is slightly smaller than Joey's watch, but the right color. The underside is made out of faux suede. I need to remake the portions which hold the straps up since model magic proved too weak for them sadly...
Scarlet's doll was the biggest challenge, but also the most rewarding. I bought a plastic doll as a base. She had platinum blond hair, blue eyes and pale skin. I first built up her arms to make them appear jointed like Scarlet's. I then fashioned model magic ballet slippers for her to wear. After both were dry I painted the whole doll, save for the eyebrows/eyelashes which were too small for me to go back and re-detail. I colored the doll's irises brown with a sharpie, thickened and darkened the lips, and made her dress. After the dress was complete I added the sequins and little flowers I had made (which match the placement of the actual render). I made her beaded looking collar out of pull cord chain and made the bow for the top of the dress too. I also glued on the white trim to the bottom/midsection of the dress. The hair was honestly the biggest challenge. I bought loose wefting hair and made wefts using fabric glue. It was tedious and I often got impatient which resulted in messing up which took more time to fix of course. The bangs were the worst though; I didn't think to curl them before applying the wefts I had made, so they stuck straight out at first. After some battling I tamed them, but that was without-a-doubt the worst part about this prop.

Nora's locket was made out of a locket which got covered in model magic which was carved to match the shape of the texture from the game. The chain was bought, but mirrors the game chain as closely as possible. The game texture files for Nora and Elle's childhood pictures were printed and placed in the locket.

Josh's ring was made out of model magic which had the Shepherd family crest carved into it. The box-type chain was bought but is a pretty close match to the actual thing.
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Series Silent Hill
Character Judge Holloway

Loveable-Eve Let's just say I love this costume