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Everything that's on the pics ( except Pascal ) was styled ( shoes and wigs ) and made ( everything else XD) by me. I'm very proud!
You can also watch the video of Rapunzel's huge hair on action! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZD-dNuJiU8&feature=player_embedded

Btw, I made all versions of Rapunzel's hair XD The braided version I made inspired on Disney's parks Rapunzel, that's the reason why the hair isn't fully braided. But I'm still thinking about making this wig too, lol.
The huge wig's size is almost 15 meters long and I still want to make Rapunzel's 21 meters long hair just because I'm nuts xD but you know... It costs A LOT of money! Maybe someday XD

Why I made shoes? The Disney Parks' Rapunzel DO have shoes and all my costume was based on this version ( btw, walk whit THIS costume on a convention wearing flipflops don't seem very nice for me, lol ). I LOVE my shoes! They're pink, an metallic and... SPARKLING! *u*
Hope you enjoy!

*NO, I'm not commissioning the costume, wig or tiara, sorry!


@Yune Meyrink
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Series Disney
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Variant huge hair, braided hair and short brown hair


proud_otaku OMG I love the crown! Do you commission?

Daastania Any suggestions on creating the wigs and/or willingness to make another one for purchase? I would LOVE to buy one!

Daastania Oops. I suppose I should have entered my contact info in case you are. [email protected] It is STUNNING, btw. :)

Daastania Absolutely gorgeous. I am working on having one myself for our Disney trip in early October. Would you be willing to make another Tiara???

Narnian Stunning Rapunzel! You did amazing!

Yazmine You're such a pretty Rapunzel, you did an amazing job on this!

bubblesneverpop You did an amazing job!

EchosOfTheDead This is absolutely beautiful!

Luthy Perfeitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *O*