Missytetra as Ming Ming Love

Ming Ming Love


Performance Costume

Cosplayer: Missytetra
Made from things that were lying around the house so it's technically a free costume. Because of this, it's not really 100% accurate or anything, but I don't really mind since it's still adorable!

The buns are from my Chun Li costume, the gloves from my Peach costume, the white underskirt from my Seth costume, and the shoes from my Zelda costume.

Sorry the photographs are rubbish in quality- I needed something comfortable and cute to wear to the nightclub style event of Geekfest so I wore this, and as such only has some quick snaps taken when I was heading out. At the end of the night I had a pic taken on a plain white background and so was able to colour correct it and add that- otherwise they're all down my street on bin day! Whilst I was at Geekfest, I got some little glittery love hearts put on my face by the face painter.

I guess I might wear this cute little thing for parties!