Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle



Oh man so after Artemis I though I was done with beastly costumes but this...this is another ball of wax. so far from top to bottom

Headpiece(flower crown)- I really wanted this costume to look as realistic as possible so instead of going with the 5 HUGE flowers I went with smaller cherry blossoms. The insides weren't quite dark enough and painting was to thick so I ended up using lipstick and eyeshadow XD

Wig- cut and styled myself took about 5 hours total since this was my first wig cutting experience I really like the way it turned out.

White over dress- first things first this thing is 10 yards alone on the skirt portion the bottom circumference of the circle skirt is 5 yards. Then 2 on each sleeve. and yes they were sleeves of doom as one cosplayer stated. The puff part took 4 mock ups to get the right shape. Then the long hangy bit. Again i wanted it to be real and since I was gonna die of heat in this thing I shortened them a tinny bit from the picture length. All of the burgundy is hand made bias and all the gold ribbon and bias is sewn on.

Pink under layer- So again 5 yards on the skirt I opted not to double line this as I was already sweating in just the white layer XD it will be getting a gold bias round the bottom. The top was a little ghetto XD I ran out of material to do a full sleeve in the coral color so i had to patchwork in some pink but hey it's under the white anyway xD

Mid Obi section- The base is actually a mountain dew box! I had some pellon interfacing in there but it kept warping so i ripped it out and stuck that up in there. all the triangles are sewn on and all the bells are hand sewn on my friends have come to refer this as the "BO jingles" dress cause of all the bells XD and i don't even have half of them on yet! the flower design on the front and on all the bottoms on the panels are going to be hand beaded as you can see Ive started the main one. so far im in about 15 hours of beading.

EDIT-ITS DONE yay sp im finally completed and happy with everything it was debuted at metrocon where I placed best charcter likeness . my very first ever award! I met some amazing cosplayers and had a photoshoot with the beatiful korinchan pics from that will be up soon

And i think that's it for now more piccys will be added as time goes on!

I've just recently sold this dress! it was so good to me but it's on to bigger and better things!


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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character sakura
Variant chapter 100 dress


lunarlet I'm in the process of making this costume as well. I was wondering how did you make the orb/sphere?

namine1987 oh foos! thank you so much! <3

Foos AMAZING COSTUME. It was so beautiful in person, from the way the fabric flowed to the manner in which the sleeves hung, right down to the crazy beaded flower. XD Best representation of this particular costume I've ever seen!

zizi994 That's amazing! :D

Narnian Simply stunning cosplay!