Edea Kramer

Final Fantasy VIII



This costume... oh my goodness. I am so happy with how everything turned out!

The dress was done by altering a few dress patterns and putting them together. I probably made it more complicated than it should have been, but oh well! The fingers have wonderflex pieces inside of them to give me those creepy long fingers that Edea has. The feathers are rooster feathers and I absolutely love them! I have two different sizes of them sewn together for the collar.

The headpiece was such a challenge. Basically, we did a plaster bandages cast of my head, covered it in paperclay, and the horns have some Wonderflex inside to help keep their shapes. The other pieces are made from a mix of Sculpy, Model Magic, and craft foam. I also hand beaded all of the jewelry pieces, which is always my favorite part of a costume. :) It's painted with metallic paints.

The backpiece was like, 98% done by my boyfriend (and Seifer), score. It's made from wooden dowels,
Sculpy, wire, Wonderflex, and metallic gold paint. I wore a backpack style harness under my dress that helped the backpiece attach. We had a little trouble with it not being straight as the day went on, but it's something that we can fix for future wears. :)

The contacts are Cherry Gold i.Fairy circle lenses, and I love them! They're more yellow in person than they are in the photos.

My good friend Chelsea helped me with the "vein" thingies. We used Elmer's glue, and she drew it on me while I laid flat. It was a great and cheap method!

All in all, as I said before, I am SO happy with this costume. It's my new pride and joy. Edea is a wonderful character who I've learned to appreciate more in making her costume. Hopefully I'll be wearing this for many cons to come.


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Series Final Fantasy VIII
Character Edea Kramer


Ali Amazing costume! The headpiece, makeup, feathers... it's all stunning!

White_Materia Awesome

Hakubi Michi This costume is what made me wanna try to make Tokimi~ You look LOVELY!!!!!! The makeup is just, so crisp~

Fukada Amazing! <3

Booba Fett wicked! <3

Hopie Thank you for the comments, everyone!! I really appreciate them! :)

Xero Absolutely beautiful! And I love the rooster feathers on the dress, it really added a bit of jazz to what is normally a flat black dress. Great job!

lutea T_T tears of joy to see such a great Edea.

Ika amazing job!

Hopie Thanks you guys! :D

Liliana *jaw drops on keyboard* I'M TOTALLY SPEECHLESS!!! *O* You have totally blown me away with this cosplay of yours! I absolutely love your Edea, it's PERFECT! *O*

MugetsuHime OH MY. You make a beautiful Edea...:X

Kiandra Whoa... I'm speechless o_o Amazing job as always!!!!!!