Shampoo (OVA)

Ranma 1/2

Outfit from the Reversal Jewel "Suddenly Shampoo" OVA episode. The colours change about 3 times in the same ep, so I chose the ones that would flatter me most.

Clothing is stretch velvet with hand made trim/bias tape.

Buns made with smooth styrofoam ball halves. Hair cut short where the buns were hot glued to wig netting. Styrofoam lightly scored and painted to colour with two layers of hair then glued on top. A long layer was draped over for blending into the rest of the hair.

wig was airbrushed to the bright blue/purple mix.

Reversal jewel is a clear rubber ball cut in half with the face and green paint on the back side. It was stuck into a gold ring and backed with white stiffened felt for finishing.
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Series Ranma 1/2
Character Shampoo (OVA)

MonseMokona omg, your costume is really cool, i love it!

DBZ18+17 Love the costume. Where did you get the wig? I may make my own Shampoo for Halloween or next years Anime Fest. for 2012.

_Kumi-chan_ Lovely Shampoo! Your Reversal Jewel is really nicely done, and I love the wig color!