Atsuko Maeda the 13th (Acchan)




Out of all of the characters of the AKB0048 anime, Acchan was the character whom I connected with the most. She is a leader with a gentle soul and an undying love for the fans who love her and the AKB group. She is also the light of love and inspiration for all who knew her.

I absolutely love this outfit; it is based of the song "Shojoutachi Yo" and I love the blue hues! No patterns were used whatsoever during the making of this cosplay - I just went with my own imagination! I used 3 different hues of shimmery blue satin along with white for the shoulder straps and lining for the top. The star belt was made with 2 layers of gold glitter foam; the stars were layered using the adhesive that was peeled on the back. The stars were dotted with shimmery blue jewels, glued together with gold glitter glue. Originally the outfit did not include the gold stars all over, but I decided that since Acchan was the Center Nova (the group's center singer), this would be a subtle way to show it off. The wig was reused from LDG Cosplay and worked wonderfully since I didn't want Acchan's hair to look over done. With my work schedule, I made this costume in 3 days, including 10-11 hours of sleep, lot of coffee topped with love and dedication to the costume and the character I'm portraying.

This is probably one of my favorite costumes to date! I look forward to wearing this over and over again!


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Series AKB0048
Character Atsuko Maeda the 13th (Acchan)
Variant Shojoutachi Yo


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