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The green shirt was made using New Look S0443. I am sure there is a better pattern for this shirt than this (I found one later and cried)!! I had to get rid of the middle seam and make my own facing pattern for the sleeves, as well as shorten and take in the sides to make it a shirt. The coat is made using Simplicity 1268. The sleeves were shortened and I made the robe longer and tried to add tails. The pants were made using Burda 7546, but I severely altered this pattern. I made it longer and much much wider! The widest part of my pants are 50 inches around one leg. Also this pattern had a big mess up. The waist band and the waist of the pants don't match.... so I had to fix that. Elastic was added in the waist and the legs. Overall I used 7 young's of fabric for the pants and coat. The red waist sash is actually 3 pieces. The main wider piece is tapered on the sides and is 3 parts (1 front and 2 backs) that is connected in the back with snaps. The main sash with the yellow also has snaps. The yellow was sewn on with a satin stitch. The hanging tail is faked and is really sewn onto the front waist piece with the yellow. I believe I used 2.5 yards of red. The black piece was just a tapered rectangular shape with elastic on both sides. The blue are ribbons with Velcro and tacked on.
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