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This is my first Costume I created based on an Anime Series Sword Art Online. I impress myself in building the costume and I had fun building it.

The costume was built with the following material:
- Black shirt;
- Black pants;
- Black hiking boots;
- black trench coat;
- white edge material;
- black cloth material;
- Sword: foam core cardboard (details)
- portal Crystal: foam core and card board (for details)

I removed all the bit that was not needed from black trench coat. Then I added all the white lines on the sleeve by hand sowing and machine for the borders. same thing with the belt.

As for the centre chest piece I found a template of the shape cut it out of wood and painted silver. and created the belt piece with the black cloth and added the the white lines with the sowing machine.

As for the sword and sword case it was built with foam core. the sword I had to take measurements an re draw from images in illustrator and printed and cut out the foam core piece and glued it and and painted and added the details.

for the portal crystal I found measurement and and built drawn the details on cardboard and cut it out. then glued the crystal together and painted all.

and voila, I had fun building the costume


Little AL


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