One Piece



This is my genderbent version of Usopp. I love Usopp and I thought he'd look adorable as a girl!

Wig: The wig is from The Five Wits. I use it for Human Luna, but all I had to do was unclip the buns. Actually, my inspiration to do this cosplay came in part from wanting another cosplay to do with this wig!

Dress: The dress is from Amazon.com.

Scarf: The scarf is also from Amazon.com.

Wristband: The wristband is actually three sweatbands that I cut in half and stitched together.

Headscarf: I bought the scarf on Amazon and then drew on the pattern with a black sharpie.

Goggles: The goggles were commissioned by another member on this site.

Boots: The boots came from my closet.

Slingshot: For now, when I do photos, I use a slingshot I have at home. For cons, I may end up making the Kabuto or even the smaller slingshot Usopp usually uses.

Nose: This is the part of the cosplay that gets THE most attention. I bought a Cyrano nose from Woochie and attached it with liquid latex. I blended it in with liquid foundation and powder.


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Series One Piece
Character Fem!Usopp


Ion Love your interpretation here and kudos for cosplaying One Piece!

~H~ Such a fun idea! I love seeing the in-progress pics ^_^.

AnimeLuxray25 Nice work so far! Keep it up. :)