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This was my first time making a bunny suit! It was quite a trial. My friend and I tried doing the whole duct tape pattern idea, but it didn't end up working out as nicely as I thought. Idk where we went wrong. So i ended up trying to hid it beneath a sad excuse for a bolero (the sleeves only seem puffed because i wore rubber bands under the hem lmfao) and an apron that wasn't in the artists' design.

My collar is well interfaced, but it patterned badly and my hood's bunny ears don't stay up. Though it's anti-pill fleece so at least its comfy lol.

I painted the blue stripes onto my thigh highs, but they don't stay up very well even with fashion tape.

This cosplay needs a lot of re-doing before Im actually satisfied with it, But I still had a lot of fun in it with my friends! And that's the most important part.


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Series Adventure Time
Character Fionna
Variant Bunny suit


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