Princess Aurora

Sleeping Beauty



This costume has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. I finally got to make that dream a reality, and it all started with a trip to JoAnn Fabrics because I was given a giftcard to the store for Christmas last year.

To make my life difficult, I decided to make my dress fully reversible from blue to pink. Why have two dresses when you could have one that does it all? I love making my sewing life difficult.

My original plan was to start with Belle from Beauty and the Beast, but as I shopped, I didn't find the right yellow. But my eyes fell on the blue casa satin that I used for the skirt and it hit me that it was perfect for Sleeping Beauty, so that became the costume I focused on. For the blue, the skirt and bodice satin were from JoAnn's and the sleeve/pointed detail satin were from Hancock Fabrics (before they even announced they were closing...I am sad). For the pink, the bodice satin was from JoAnn's and the skirt, sleeves, and pointed detail were from Hancock's. The white collar satin was from Hancock's.

I was looking in to the construction of the dress since I knew that her gown was straight up from the 1950s, nowhere near the medieval style the rest of the movie has. I lucked up on a pattern that was a 1950s reprint that was almost perfect for her. I only had to modify the bodice and sleeves some and add the white detail at the top. The white is fully interfaced to keep it stiffer so that it wouldn't sag and look sad. The back of the dress has buttonholes sewn in to serve in place of grommets so that the dress can lace up in whatever color ribbon matches the side I am wearing.

Underneath I wear a steel boned corset I made to go under some other costumes and a fluffy bridal petticoat I lucked up on at Goodwill. I have on simple white shoes with a small heel. I was going to get color matching shoes, but didn't want to spend a lot on them, so I figured white would be good, especially since you can't see them 99% of the time.

I still want to get a different wig that had me drooling (I decided to go a little more natural as opposed to the big curls she has at the end of her hair in the movie), but it was on a six week plus backorder, so I ended up hitting up a beauty supply shop near where I work and found this wig. It had harsher curls originally, but I just brushed it out a bit and they turned soft and beautiful. I also used a dry shampoo to kill some of the shine on it.

My crown was 3-D printed by my friend Dwayne. He had the file and just printed it out then did a few layers of resin and then painted and sealed it. He said he wants to make a new one since he wasn't totally happy with the one I have right now. He also will be making my necklace as well. We just ran out of time and didn't get to the necklace before the convention. No one even noticed I didn't have a necklace I think.

This was a fun costume to wear because I got to be a princess and made a lot of little girls very happy when they saw me. Several even pulled their parents through the crowds to get to me. That really made my day!


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