Apple 🍎 Jack

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic



This is my apple 🍎 jack cosplay from mlp, I first wore it at anime expo! I cut ✂ out freehand apple 🍎 patches and sewed them to the back of my jeans 👖 to make my cutie mark. Then I took some fur fabric I have and sewed it to the jeans as well, adding my red hair tie for the finishing touch. Next I used the vintage western shirt my mom gave me because I figured its something apple would wear, and I put on an undershirt for modesty sake, and did my hair like apple jacks and the hat was a gift from my friend! Naturally I have green eyes 👀 blond 👱 hair and tanish skin like apple Jack does and she's one of my favorite ponies so I figured it was a perfect fit!


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Series My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
Character Apple 🍎 Jack


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