Demon Nurse

Silent Hill 3



I had so much fun in this costume! I've wanted to do a SH3 Demon Nurse for a good while, but decided to wait until I thought my makeup abilities were up to the challenge. It was very well received, which is excellent. :)
The dress was purchased for the sake of time, resized (it was originally an XL, but I took it down to a Medium), and then decimated it. This dress smells like paint, tea, shoe polish, cinnamon, dye, and a bit of facepaint. Haha. After a lot of investigation and some assistance from a friend, I realized the Demon nurses actually wear white tights that are grossed up, and turn grey towards the bottom. So I soaked them in dye and paint, then slowly rung them out to create a sort of stringy look to them. It was a lot of fun.
Makeup was chest, arms, and face, and took about 4 hours to apply. This was my first real experience with latex. I really enjoyed playing around with it. Definitely still lots to learn, but I'm excited to do so! If you have any questions (or suggestions) about this makeup, please feel free to PM me.


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Series Silent Hill 3
Character Demon Nurse


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