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I was super duper unhappy with my first Ibuki that I decided to remake her... ALL of here. I wanted to go more for her 3rd Strike, with the smaller, higher leg holes that I wouldn't flash everyone in, and the darker color. I also wanted to challenge myself in really nailing her wig.

I chose a Kona Cotton to make the shirt and pants out of. The top is actually attached to the bottoms, and the front pant flap velcros in the front to the shirt. When the belt is tied around, there is little chance of slipping and flashing someone. I made the slits in the sides smaller and higher-- this means I can wear normal underwear with this. Thankfully. You think that this sewing would've been easy peasy since I've made this before, but I had a huge problem with the pants this time around, and I feel that they look too small on me. ~.~

The black neckerchief/ninja mask-thing is black spandex. It's literally just a piece that tucks into the shirt and then ties around my face. Nothing fancy.

The gloves are plain old craft foam, super glued together. I decided against coated it in Mode Podge, since her gloves don't look shiny in the game.

The wig is really were I dedicated most of my time and energy on this. I actually recycled my old Lydia Deetz wig. Not the best choice, but I was never going to use it for anything else, and it's thinness was actually and advantage here. The bangs were made with stiff felt and lots of tacky glue, and a long prayer. They're rather stiff and hold up pretty well, but have a tendency to poke me in the eye if I'm not paying attention. The ponytail was the hardest part. I glued a small length of PVC pipe to plastic canvas, and then I glued that to the underside of the wig, with the PVC pip sticking up and through the netting. This anchored the PVC pipe to were it wouldn't go anywhere. I took braiding weave and tied it together before sticking it in the open end of the PVC. I took a lot of tacky glue and somehow crafted the weird bend at the beginning of the ponytail. The PVC was then wrapped with the cream-colored cloth to hide it. A fake hairline was also made with stiff felt and extra hair fiber.

The wig is very back heavy, and though clips are utilized to keep it on my head, I cannot wear it for more than a few hours.


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Series Street Fighter
Character Ibuki
Variant 3rd Strike


Liliana As always.... AWESOME. *__* You are like the goddess of fighting gaming cosplays. Haha!~ ^__^