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Aww... Odin Sphere. A beautifully enriched PS2 game that followed the traditional RPG feel. When I had originally saw the screen shots of this game I knew I had to play it. The first story is of Gwendolyn's struggles but the love story between her and Oswald got me permanently suckered into that game. It was actually years later after lots of research that I attempted to make this cosplay. There is over 600 hand cut, sealed, painted, and glitter varnished feathers on this sucker!

Dress - Bubblestyle tube dress with added black ribbon, gold ribbon, and white ruffles.

Headband - Head band, crown, petal-like feathers and lots of hot glue.

Necklace - Gold Ribbon

Skirt - Black Tutu (Originally had the arrow skirt made of craftfoam but it got destoryed)

Side Wings - Made out of cardboard base with "hooks" that attach to a white belt. There are soooo many feathers on both sides of them.

Knee Armor - Soccer guards painted blue with craftfoam attached to them

Greeves - SIlver Lycra (bought Korean silver leggings and butchered them while watching Wayne's World)

Boots - Bought from the thriftstore with many, many, many layers of paint then varnished with glitter.

Sleeves - Petal like pieces sewned together and then I have my butchered up black shirt sleeves attached.

Black Leggings - Cuz it was cold outside!

Wig - White wig (It will be eventually replaced with a silver one. Pulled into a pony tail and I added a bun donut on top. Then braided all the strands and secured with bobby pins)

Psypher - I was struggling to figure out how the heck should I put this together. I wanted it light weight but also transparent. I also wanted it to somehow light-up. Soooo after months of thinking I ended up destroying my university binder (and it felt great to do this). Glue/Taped it together. Bought blue LED fairy lights and arranged them in the crystal. And then attached them to a dowel. I added some craftfoam for details and painted it black.

I added belly dancing wings to this cosplay because I felt they were wonderful additons to a bird-like valkyrie!


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Larxenne OH AMAZING!! *^*