Noel Vermillion


@Eri Siani
I bought from a user on the forums, i have the costume but no wig as of yet, will post pictures if/when i get one :3
edit: finally got it all (like last year e.e) im just super bad at updating. unfortunately i wore this for one day and broke the arm armor giving someone a super hug!! looks like ill have to uh repair it.
this costume was extremely uncomfortable and i had to stand awkwardly all day with my arms up and at my front. my bust was not big enough to fill the top so uh that was big and awkward and since i chose to wear a panda backpack for ironic affect it kinda dug into my arms DX over all a poorly planned cosplay but I STILL HAD FUN! i even met a taokaka
@Eri Siani
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Series Blazblue
Character Noel Vermillion
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