Sothis as Padme Amidala

Padme Amidala

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Packing Gown

Cosplayer: Sothis
This dress has a funny history of making. I started it 5 years ago, but then became disinterested and neglected it for a long time.
However in spring my inspiration returned and I totally remade everything that had been done before and finally finished this dress!
The vest is made of darkish blue cotton velvet, and is fully boned with 13 metal bones. The sleeves are attached to the undershirt that is cotton. They have 2 layers of slightly crinkled chiffon; the cuffs are lined. Buttons on the sleeves are covered with the same crinkled chiffon. The underskirt is 8 meters of wild tussore pleated straight to the waist yoke. The upper skirt is a 2 circle skirt (and 9 meters of viscose) pleated the same way to the yoke.
The armbands are metal stripes covered with hand-embossed foil.
I made the jewelry out of the thin aluminum and FIMO plastic.
The embroidery was the most pleasant part to do. It was relaxing and relatively quick. It was done in a week and gave me a lot of good time.
The most challenging thing was the hairstyle. Though I think I managed to overcome all obstacles and the hairstyle came out the way I wanted! For the base I used some old plastic sphere with stripes. I cut it into the right shape, then put onto it some cotton wool and covered it with gauze. After that I took a wig and very carefully cut the stripes of hair which were sewn onto the netting of the wig. I sewed each lock onto my sphere, wrapped it through the hole in the centre and fixed it with several stitches. When the whole thing was done, I took a hair net and covered my “buns” with it. It’s the most important part, I guess. Because it smoothes all excess hairs. When the buns were done, I put them onto the hair band (through the same hole that I used to cover the spheres).
And that is it!
I must say that I really really love this dress and enjoyed wearing it greatly.