Once-ler [fan in-carnation]

The Lorax

So I ended up doing Shade-ler based off an artwork the artist did of him being sexy and stripping off his dress shirt.

I had no time to make the coat, axes, and everything else with all that I had to do.

I still had fun in this though. I bought the dress shirt and slashed it a little bit. Only cost was the shirt and pants, costing me a total of $11 for doing this cosplay.

Makeup is a joint effort by me and CosplayCanada. The original do was in brown done in his apartment, but as the day wore on the makeup started to rub off. And we couldn't find my brown eyeshadow we had previously used, only the black. So in 95% of the photos, the scars are black.

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Series The Lorax
Character Once-ler [fan in-carnation]
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