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Body suit and leggings are made from a matte metallic spandex in black. white detail on the body suit is metallic spandex sewn directly on top. The belt, gloves, knee pads, pouches, and leg straps are all made of purple vinyl. Bonus, for having functional pouches to keep all my stuff in while at con! I couldn't find a purple that matched the vinyl I had so I found something close. It's a purple gabardine trimmed in white gabardine. While I love that it doesn't wrinkle in suitcases, it makes this costume SUPER hot. Oh well! The cape was the trickiest part of the costume and consists of a front, back and collar pieces. It zips up the back to get it on and off. As for the mask it was made of wonderflex and painted. Stays on with elastic. Wig is off of Ebay. Boots just had the soles painted.


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Series Batman / DC Comics
Character Huntress


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