Lunairetic as Lenna Charlotte Tycoon

Lenna Charlotte Tycoon

Final Fantasy V


Cosplayer: Lunairetic
I was going to debut this at AnimeUSA 2012 in November (since we have an AWESOME Final Fantasy V Dancer group), but back in August I heard that an amazing Bartz cosplayer would be at Dragon*Con, so I decided to bring my freelancer Lenna costume along. Then I decided that I wanted something dressy to wear to the fancy Pulse bar at the Marriott in the evenings, so I decided to finish my Dancer Lenna costume and bring that along too! I'm really glad I did, it was so much fun to wear and I felt so CLASSY! :D

I hardly got any photos of the costume from Dragon*Con though, so hopefully I'll get some nice ones when I wear it with my Dancer group at Anime USA this weekend! :)