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Wow, where to begin with this one. ...Well, let's start with explaining where this design came from, yeah? Weeaboo!Igirisu (as he is known) is an OOC version of England designed by The-Blurple-Mage on Deviantart. He, along with Russia, America and Prussia all showed up in very amusing and creative versions in this drawing of hers: http://the-blurple-mage.deviantart.com/art/Hate-is-for-Squares-216962190

Simply put, I loved that picture from the very start. And I mean LOVED it. (And I still do) At first I really wanted to do TrollBunny!America, but the more I looked at the picture, the more I got to thinking that I'd probably pull off Igirisu better, so I ended up cosplaying him instead. ...I was so against the idea at first because the thought of being a weeaboo was not one I liked... but I got over it and in the end I couldn't even bring myself to acting too terribly weeaboo-ish despite wearing this cosplay anyway. ^^;

This cosplay kind of gave me a lot of trouble in numerous ways. Being the perfectionist I am, I wanted to do everything RIGHT. And in some cases that meant not settling for what I could find on the internet, but instead getting things custom made. (Pieces that I myself was not capable of making that is.) Basically, everything was bought except for the shorts and the sad excuse for a tie and a few accessories. Normally I would try to make most of a costume, but so many parts of this were accessories, or something that would've been difficult to make myself so it made more sense to buy things.

The cardigan was purchased (didn't think I'd be successful in trying to make something like that, since it's knit). The dress shirt was bought (I thought it might be possible to find one online, and I was already making one for Kugelmugel at the same time). The wig was bought and cut and styled by myself. The sad excuse for a "tie" was made completely by me (...kind of last minute. v_v ). The shorts and hanging-suspenders/side-belts were made by me. And the shoes were something I already had that I thought would match the cosplay because of the few red pieces in the design. The backpack… well that one I really just ran out of time for, so I borrowed my sister’s Vera Bradley backpack since it was the closest thing in color that I could think of being able to use, and my friend and I decorated it with some cutesy buttons and charms. ^^

And the two thus far unmentioned pieces are the ones I worked the hardest on getting right... despite not making them myself. I was very determined to get glasses and leggings/tights that looked exactly like they do in the image. That led me to ordering custom glasses from someone on etsy and the leggings... Those are just one heck of a (very stressful) story. I tried to work with two people to get custom ones and as time counted down, everyone just kept saying then couldn't do it. And then somehow on Google I found another site that did custom printed tights/leggings. ...The price of these makes me want to weep almost... but they are so perfect that I dare say it was worth the $70. ^^; I redrew/traced the design entirely by myself on Paintshop so that it was in a file size big enough to work with the order form from the site. ...It was a lot of work to say the least. But darn am I proud that I got it done. Plus, the shipping and arrival of both pieces were REALLY down to the wire, just a day before the convention itself. I truly got lucky.

And... I knew something seemed off when I looked at these pictures.... I put his ear cuff on the wrong side. Ugh. This is the third time in the past year that I've screwed up where something went on a cosplay, all because I was working with mirrors and didn't take into account the mirrored reflection. /: -sighs-

Anyway... I'm going to be stupid and go ahead and hope that maybe the earrings are the same on both sides since his right ear can't be seen in the art. Yeah. The perfectionist in me is not happy about that.

But yeah, dang I make these descriptions too long for my own good. /: ANYWAY, ultimately I really had tons of fun cosplaying weeaboo!Igirisu. <3 The colors were just SO much fun to work with, put together, and wear and I got to feel kind of adorable (in a silly way) which made me super happy. ^^ I truly love this cosplay and I'm so thankful to The-Blurple-Mage for coming up with such a design in the first place. <3

Oh, and the highlight of when I wore this at Metrocon: Someone ACTUALLY recognized me. It was only one person, but that's one more than I thought would even have a clue who or what I was dressed as. So that made me really happy. <3


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