The Riddler




a bit of a mashup but mostly hush/green arrow inspired fem riddler.

The Jacket, blouse, purse and skirt were thrifted. I added all of the ? marks to everything with fabric paint. I swapped the chain on the purse for a gold one.

The hat was a cheap plastic bowler left over from new years, repainted. The question mark is a small, wooden letter S that I modified with a dremel.

The wig is Arda's Ferrari in Pumpkin.

The scarf and hat band are made from leftover satin. The hat band is interfaced with a medium weight sew in. It could use a good press.

The gloves are military ceremonial gloves, RIT dyed. The stockings are also RIT dyed. The ? on the stocking are the same as the hat. The earrings are too.

The shoes were thrifted and then hand painted. The heel tips broke, I need to get them replaced.

The cane consists of wooden pieces all from Michael's wood aisle. A dowel, a set of rings, a wooden orb, one that looked like a small flower pot and a big letter S that I modified with a dremel. Everything is hot glued together and painted gold acrylic. I'd like to put a heaver paint job on it someday, get a smoother metallic texture.

I started out with a domino mask but switched to tinted glasses. The domino mask was paper mask blank that I shaped and hand painted.
The glasses are reading glasses from CVS, tinted carefully with a light candy coat spray (like for model cars).


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Series Batman
Character the Riddler


Identity-Crisis This costume keeps getting better and better each time I see it.

Narnian Very neat! I can't wait to see the finished costume!