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Once I saw the designs for Panty and Stocking's "Demon Sisters," I knew I wanted to do Kneesocks. Her uniform, glasses, ponytail... I was just really drawn to her look! Not to mention the challenge of painting yourself red seemed kindof fun (at the time, lol!)

I posted a photo of them on my Facebook, looking for a Scanty, and low-and-behold, my AMAZING friend Courtney wanted to be my Ane-san~! She made my uniform, and I had my boyfriend make her guns for her (and he also did my scythes~). I had a lot of fun wearing her, and definitely want to do it some more down the road. :)


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Character Kneesocks


Ninbri So pretty!!

Liliana Once again, you've amazed me with another fantastic cosplay! *_* I don't watch the series, but I know what the character looks like! And you've portrayed her perfectly! Excellent work!!