HelloIrvy as S4 League Silklace (Healer)

S4 League Silklace (Healer)

S4 League


Cosplayer: HelloIrvy
I was determined to create a 100 percent accurate replica of the Silklace set, including hair, gloves, shoes, top, and skirt, with the Rocaille Bow as an accessory. I hope I succeeded. The bodice proved to be very risque on a real-life human being! Such a challenge...but it was worth it! I hand-sewed boning inside to keep it from falling off me, as well as hand-sewing bias tape around the shoulders and tops of my sleeves. I had a lot of struggles with the intense detail work of the costume, including hours of hand-painting every white flower on the sleeves and every heart on the ribbon for my Heart of Princess wand. Again, I think it came out worth the extra work!

I worked with some really lovely sateen finish cotton that I used previously for my Princess Natalia shirt; I love it because it drapes well and creates beautiful ruffles. I've had so much fun with so many RUFFLES!

Also, with my friends Langer and Leiko, I entered the costume in the alaplaya Costume Contest this June. We have our fingers crossed!