Halloween Kimono Girl




A kimono I designed with Halloween motifs.

Photos by Jose.

Exact cost: 79.55 euros.

Making of process:

I had the idea of making a Halloween themed kimono last year, but it ended completely different. At the beginning, it was supposed to be a fun, bright and childish Halloween kimono, but it ended being an elegant one. The fabrics I wanted to use were patchwork cotton with various colors and figures. But when I went to buy them, they were already sold out. So I changed the design and I wanted to make it more elegant and mysterious.

That limited the quantity and type of figures I could draw on it. Elegance means simplicity to me, so I finally chose spider webs for the kimono and the typical face that is carved in Halloween pumpkins for the obi. This was a decission I made when I already finished the kimono and obi itself, because I wasn't sure about the figures until I could see the base finished.

For the kimono I used a polyester silk in black, and for the lining I used dark red crepe silk. The fabrics were pretty good, they didn't frayed easily and that means that I didn't need to zig-zag all the seams! But the black fabric slipped easily and that made the kimono so hard to sew that the thread slip out of the needle constantly. Plus I linned everything inside, even the sleeves, and that meant double work. I decided to make the kimono in miniskirt style and I sewn it folded up (that's how the kimonos are worn), so the fabric wouldn't slip down. I used velcro to attach both sides of the kimono so it couldn't open by accident. The two pieces of velcro are inside and outside in the obi zone, so they can't be seen.

I made the obi with orange synthetic silk and I used orange felt inside to make it stiff. I used black felt to make all the pumpkin faces in the obi. The back is a half butterfly bow. I use Gutterman fabric glue for my obis because it looks cleaner that way. I don't see stitches in the obis and I think it would look awful if I sew it and the thread is visible in the fabric there. I used 5 silver hangers to attach it at the back.

I had to iron the sleeves before glueing the white cord that forms the spider webs, because the linning made it look bulky. I decided to made three spider webs, one on each sleeve and another one in the kimono itself.

I also made a hair ornament out of synthethic orange flowers, black crochet thread and black felt. It's a giant orange flower with smaller flowers hanging from it and a little bat resting in one of the petals, and I painted eyes on it with sparkly white fabric painting.. I made a little dark red bag with the same fabric I used to line the kimono. The black cat is made with felt and I painted two white eyes with the same white fabric painting.

I used my own hair styled in a similar way the girls style their hair when they wear their kimonos. I also used red contact lenses and gothic make up in pale, red and black colors, and I used the white tabi and dark orange and black geta from my Waka cosplay to match with the cosplay.

I love how it came out! The only thing I regret is that I couldn't hide the silver hangers better. But I love the overall result and I like more this idea than the one I thought about first.


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