Aion: The Tower of Eternity

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@Hizaki san
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Series Aion: The Tower of Eternity
Character Templar


SiannaRha Right on!

SweetRain oh my god the wings look totally amazing OAO

stardust1187 Amazing!

rapidliner So detailed modeling!

Bunia wonderful

robm103 This is one of the most gorgeous costumes I have ever seen? I'm working on an article for DVice.com for great costumes and would love to feature this, if at all possible. I would just need details about how you created the costume, as well as permission to use your photos (you would be given credit, of course). Please let me know via PM or email me at [email protected] Wonderful work!

Milady wahou, superbe costume ! spotlight complètement mérité !

Dust Bunny This costume is simply beautiful!

Alannaphrat Franchement cela fait quoi d'être costumée en "Haillon"^^ ?? sinon je me repette mais excellente ton armure

lawz That's just so awesome :D I can't belive it!! but, how did you stand up? It looks so heavy O_O

bigjoe324 one japanese word can describe your costume....sugoi!!!!

AuraRinoa Oh My God!

Hizaki san Thank you all for these comments ! I'm very happy to see you like my cosplay and my wings !

rina579 ...AWESOME!! Your wings are...perfect. And the details!

Fallen Sephiros Fantastic work! Congratulations on the showcase!

kupcake WOW! The wings are AMAZING!

Maki-chama wow *A* amazing work on your costume. Splendid.

MsBrandonHeat How on earth did you make all of that??? What materials did you use??

G3n3sis Congratulations on your showcase, you really deserve it ^ ^

Josephine wonderful really really wonderful and amazing