Judal version 2.0

Magi: Labyrinth of Magic



The pants were made with a simplicity pattern and altered slightly to be baggy. The top was bought from goodwill and cut to the right length and the trim is gold bias tape.

The bracelets are strips of craft foam wrapped around a medium McDonalds cup, sealed and painted. The necklace is clear pvc tubes with gold paint poured inside of them. The red gem was cast out of pour on resin with red food coloring inside. The wand was a dollar little girls wand with model magic added on for detailing, the gem at the tip of the wand was cast with resin from a mold I made myself.

Contacts are Super Pinky in Bright Red

The wig is a short black base and a pony tail added in. The ponytail is Styrofoam balls strung together and painted black then covered with hair extensions from Sally's Beauty Supplies. I used six packages (two extension in each one) but I could have used another two. The sections were tied off and sprayed with hair spray. I used my heat gun to melt the flyaways and tighten the hair around the balls to give it a nice finished look (this was on a low setting with it very far away to not melt the fibers too much) then I finished it with a thin layer of modge podge over each section to keep the hair in place after extended use (it dries clear)


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