Legend of Zelda



My first 'impressive' costume. Sheik was my favorite character in SSB, so there's undeniable kinship with a character once you use them to destroy your friends a thousand times over.

Everything I did on this costume was a learning experience. The arm armor is canvas on craft foam, with crocheted trim. Shoulder and leg armor is vinyl, and the chainmail was knit by my extremely talented and patient friend.

Fact: This costume is held together by safety pins and hope.


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Last Updated 3 years ago
Created 4 years ago
Series Legend of Zelda
Character Sheik
Variant SSBB / TP design


Mohmoh You really know how to pose!

Ends Beginning You need to add more pictures!!! I want to see more!!! Also I'm planning on modifying my Sheik cosplay OoT Version to be able to switch between OoT and Hyrule Warriors. Yay for multi-purpose cosplays!