Sword Art Online II



I just went to the local fabric store and bought all of the materials. Altered a pattern for a shirt to make the jacket, and traced a pair of skinny jeans to make the chaps. I don't like using bias tape, so I went for a cheap, easy technique and painted all the lines. I altered a swimsuit pattern for the bodysuit, adding snap buttons into the crotch so I can use the restroom without having to undress entirely. I plan on making her rifle, PGM Hecate II, in the next month or so.

As for the wig, I used the one I had for my Natsuru cosplay and cut it for Sinon.

I love this series, and the moment I saw Sinon's outfit, I knew I wanted to make it.


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Series Sword Art Online II
Character Sinon
Variant GGO combat outfit


Zekeiel666 I like your photos alot!