Alice: Madness Returns



Modell: C. Sanchez
Photo: Lord Canon (
Makeup: Heather Belles
Costume: Jano Me

My friend Sanchez and I are co-workers, and for several years our job has sent us to work at a Japanese pop culture convention, and we’ve made it a tradition to always dress up for these occasions.
We usually aim to do a group cosplay, but being a bit too optimistic when it comes to time and workload tend to disrupt our plans. This year was no exception.
The plan was for Sanchez to dress up as Alice and me as Sam from Gray Matter, but it ended up being just Sanchez as an almost finished Alice. Feeling that it was a shame not to do a proper Alice with a vorpal blade and taking some photos of it, I asked Sanchez if she wanted to join the Incognito project and do a photoshoot. Here are a few of the photos taken during the photoshoot. The rest of the photos from the photoshoot can be viewed at


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Series Alice: Madness Returns
Character Alice


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