This one is a long story. At the Yaoicon 2010 we got the idea to put Fuji and Eiji from Prince of Tennis in a maid uniform, just because there's so many fanart and doujinshi out there which does so. And I just wanted to try wearing something girly like this once... XD; So I bought the dress and made some accessoiries in 2010, planning to wear it at the Yaoicon of 2011.

Then some friends suggested to get together to celebrate Carnaval a few weeks before the Yaoicon, so I decided to wear it for that. But when I was returning home after that meeting, the bag containing the costume was stolen on the train. So I had to hurry and re-make it in time before the convention.

For the second version I bought a plain dress off Ebay and added stuff like lace, ribbon and frills myself. The white bottom layer of the skirt is actually made out of an old curtain....! XD But the dress was just way too short if I didn't add anything to it , so gotta be creative when you're short on time...

At the Yaoicon 2011 I wore it as Fuji, but at Carnaval and the Elf Fantasy Fair 2011 I just wore it as myself. ^-^


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