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Cost to make: $125 @[email protected]
- I was not expecting to spend that much on this costume~ Mind you, velour & faux fur trim aren't cheap. Then there's cotton, holly, ribbon, Christmas fabric, and buttons.

The vest is made out of bright red velour. I used the Matrix pattern from Simplicity (#5386) and modified it so that it'd fit for being a vest. Velour was so nice to work with X3 Most people don't like it, but it's not so bad if you have patience for stretchy fabric. The buttons are candy canes ^^

My shirt is a nice cotton in bright green. I used a blouse pattern from the Khalia Ali Collection in Simplicity (#2566 - Blouse C). It was a bit of a pain as I'd never worked with it before, but I eventually figured it out. I added bells onto the cuffs and at the points on my collar ^^

My hat is made of left over red velour from my vest. I used white faux fur trim to do the trim and pom pom on my hat. I made the pattern from scratch and sewed the cone of the hat together first. I sewed the fur trim into a circle and then added it to the rest of the hat. I did the pom pom by cutting out two large circles and sewing them together and putting a bit of fiber-fil inside for volume and added fluffiness. I hand sewed the pom pom onto my hat. As an added decoration, I sewed on by hand a piece of holly that I bought at Dollarama (I bought a full stem, and the rest is used for a decoration come Christmas).

I made a stocking to carry around with me when I wear this. I made it using old Christmas fabric that my mom had when I was little. I wanted a classic pattern, and that's what I used. I added a green and gold ribbon to the corner and hand stitched it on. As a second ribbon, I used a white one with gold edges to make the stocking easier to carry. It's filled with candy canes, and I have fake toys whip-stitched onto the stocking to make it look like there's toys in it ^^

The gloves I bought on sale at Sears last year. They are real leather and so comfy and warm X3

I wear leggings for this cosplay.

This is almost the only costume I use prosthetics for (besides Xigbar). Because Roxas is supposed to be an elf, I use prosthetic ears and secure them with spirit gum.

This is such a comfy cosplay X3


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Series Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
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