The Twelve Kingdoms



I made this costume as a surprise bit of fun for a certain King of En.
It was my fastest costume to make (so far), about 2 weeks worth of time. I snuck it in between AX and GenCon.
For patterns I modified from a pattern for sweat pants, a tunic with flare sleeves, and the Folkwear Chinese coat.
For the under-tunic and trim, I used a white cotton/linen mix from Dharma Trading--wonderful stuff.
For the "coat" and pants, I used a dark navy blue linen. I lined the pants with a lighter weight white linen leftover from Sairin, because the blue linen was a little bit see-through.
Unlike normal for me, I'll admit to trying out Steam a Seam for the white bias trim I had made. It worked rather well for this.
And I'll also confess to another thing I don't normally use if I can avoid it (because of it being hot to wear)--polyester. But for the sash, the Silk Essence was a good choice.
I made my own beads from Fimo.
And the wig styling was started by Shokora and finished by Inoli.

(Avatar icon photo by Inoli.)


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Series The Twelve Kingdoms
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