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I've been kicking this idea around for *years*. Back when Pokemon R/S first came out. I even picked up a Torchic plushie just in case I decided to make the costume! About a year ago, I got some red knit fabric on the cheap, and I'm going to try to get this put together in time for spring/summer 2011.

The one piece I really wanted a certain way was the hat/headscarf. I've seen many cosplayers do a great job on this costume and use a real scarf, but it doesn't have the "bunny ears" like the anime design has. So rather than making a scarf and tying it on my head, I made a "hat" (using a do-rag pattern) with a set of "tails" on the back. The tails are interfaced and there is wire inside so that they stand up.

The shirt started with a polo shirt pattern from Kwik Sew and some red and black knit fabric. I modified this, putting only the back of the shirt pieces on the fold (instead of front and back) and made the front open. I drafted out two facing pieces for the front so that I can add a zipper and get that wonderful "seam" line that runs down the front of May's top.


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Narnian Stunning! You look amazing!

EllisW You look so cute! (: This makes me wanna cosplay May... :3