kiwi5frog as Circe


DC Comics

DC Universe Online

Cosplayer: kiwi5frog
Ok...NEWEST favorite costume of mine.

I've always been a DC fan girl and when Circe was re-designed for DCU Online, I just loved the gold and purple themes.

80-90% of this costume was made in last 24 hours before the photo shoot (minus 2 hours driving 6 hours of sleep - a lot of sleep for a cosplayer XD). Silly me. As a result, I'm missing some important things (gloves/hair/necklace/etc) which I plan to fix up for either future shoots, possibly fanime, possibly gencon

I was lucky enough to be invited to a Snow Shoot up in Wrightwood. The snow was incredibly soft and untouched. the hike was hilarious as every few steps we'd sink 1-2 feet down into a pocket. It was a great time. An intense shoot. and I met some of the most awesome cosplayers/photogs ever. Thanks everyone!

Usually I put construction details....but there's so few pieces to this costume! If you have any questions about materials or methods, please ask! The only thing I think worth mentioning is that the headpiece is just a piece of foam board painted and some elastic.