Soranik Natu

Green Lantern

@Uta Arashino


Since this is not my costume, it'll only have the two wears. This costume was made by Heroes in Tights for a friend of mine who let me borrow it for the two conventions.


@Uta Arashino
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Series Green Lantern
Character Soranik Natu


NanBoss It looks great! I'm planning a Soranik costume myself. It seems like she has skin color variations. Some artwork of her has her with brick red skin, others have her with just a dull reddish pink, and still others have her fuchsia. I think I'd like to go with fuchsia, since her father and mother are also fuchsia. Anyway, it looks great. I love how the skin color turned out. Thanks for sharing these pics!

missmartian Very nice! What did you put on your skin to make it that reddish color?