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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood



Part of an FMA group we debuted at Otakon, I attended with a Mustang, Olivier Armstrong, Scar and, for a few hours on Friday, Ed (I made all the costumes but for Ed's pants).

This military uniform is made out of 25 ounce felted wool, a type called Melton that is traditionally used for military uniforms through the early 1900s, making it perfect for the uniforms (and oh god, when those butt-capes move! So beautiful!). It was incredibly hot, especially during Otakon, but it taught me why they used wool: it sheds smells and dirt like no one's business, making these uniforms very friendly to con and photoshoot abuse. The grey trim is all made by me, and that's a cotton that I cut and ironed into bias tape, with the help of a friend. I sewed it onto each butt-cape in a different way, trying out different methods.

The jackets are fully lined (and I made a mistake on mine that causes silly puckering, but I'm fixing that and the other two are perfect). They close with hook and eyes, and all the buttons on the flap and epaulettes are functional. The rank bars are grosgrain (which I learned is pronounced groh-grain, fancy that) yellow ribbon, with fancy little star pins I found online. The undershirt for Hawkeye is a black rib knit with a pattern that I drafted straight onto the fabric, which luckily worked out first try.

Pants taper to fit into the boot better but provide that silly amount of volume, and all have pockets and zippers. These are really really comfortable... if it's cool out. They're so hot with the jacket that Olivier and Mustang were on BCC arrest at Otakon, if they left they would have had heat exhaustion within steps.

More photos on my dA here: http://harmoniccosplay.deviantart.com/


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