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Myaku is one of my favorite Dir en Grey songs and I like costumes connected with this concept especially Die's one. It could have been our first Dir en Grey cosplay but then our plans changed, we made Osaka Jo Hall concept and Myaku was made 1,5 years later in the end of 2011 for Saint-Petersburg anime festival Animatsuri.

As I was preparing another costume for this festival I had very little time so I spent less than a week of work on Myaku cosplay. I really like how it looks but it's a pity that I sewed this costume so fast that I didn't fully realise it :) It would have been better to make one of my favorite costumes more steadily gaining pleasure from the process.

Nonetheless, the journey to Saint-Petersburg was really nice. We still consider this defile to be our best Dir en Grey cosplay performance. And it was really joyful to get a reward for it.

Defile video [December 2011]: https://youtu.be/Ad86mb764mI


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Series Dir En Grey
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