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Sooooo it took me a while to figure out how i wanted to do this costume. It's semi-homemade. I bought the top off of ebay. It was just the top from one of the Supergirl costumes you can buy, only without the cape attached and the back had a zipper put it, which made it fit and look better. I bought the plan red cape, the boots, skirt, and belt all off of ebay. With help i sewed the gold ribbon all around the cape and sewed the cape onto the top. Then i had just enough ribbon to sew on to the front of the skirt. On halloween it was kinda windy so i found a thin gold headband and tossed it on. Over all i'm pretty happy with it, but the skirt was a pain in the a$$ to wear. It kept scrunching up my leg. One of these days when i finally get to go to a comic-con maybe i'll get another skirt and toy with it a little. Sorry for the lack of pictures. My friend has some on her camera but she never sent them to me :P


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