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Kurama's one of my favorite characters ever, and so I made it my mission to cosplay him properly one year. And I say properly because I have cosplayed him before. Unfortunately the outfit wasn't too good XD My cosplay skills have improved since then, though, so I thought it'd be a nice challenge to cosplay him once more.

edit: 03/27/12
as of right now the outfit is complete! ... well, minus the shoes, haha. I apologize, because all I have at the moment are progress shots, but I'm hoping to get more shots once the con comes around (less than a month!!)

Construction-wise, I used a button-up jacket pattern and altered it so I could put a zipper in the front instead. I also used a simple pants pattern to get the pants done. Wig was ordered online, and trimmed here and there (unfortunately, it's not too noticeable in picture... sob)

I'm contemplating making a rosewhip for this outfit, but I haven't decided...


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Series YuYu Hakusho
Character Kurama
Variant School Uniform


Starlett-chan yeah i agree, i think making a rosewhip will complete it too haha! but yes, i'm planning on making his other outfits in the future, so hopefully i can get it done then. i'll be sure to keep your idea in mind though! thank you!

foxyv17 yo ushould make a rose whip. It will complete the character perfectly. If not just carry arouns a rose. I too plan on cosplaying as kurama. Here is an idea. Go to a store such as hot topic or spencers. They currently sell whips(50 shades of gray) spray paint it green and add small grenn faom cones for thorns. ^_^