Imperial Guard Commisar Ivanka Kurganova

Warhammer 40,000



This project is based on recently released tabletop figure Kapitan Ivanka Kurganova. Since she already looks a lot alike to what would make a good female Warhammer Commisar, I just modified several details to fully switch the style to Warhammer 40 000. Yes, Warhammer cosplay fever was too serious to only make one costume and let it go.

This costume was really challenging with all the leather work, and keeping in mind I'm no seamstress, making the coat was something almost impossible to me, not to mention designing the boots to be possible to walk in... This was one hell of an excruciating project, but I pulled this one out in the end.

I would like to thank all of my friends for being supportive and helping me with the costume. If not them, I wouldn't have made it.

Props: Giedrius Cosplay
Prop painting: me
Makeup: EgLucy


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Series Warhammer 40,000
Character Imperial Guard Commisar Ivanka Kurganova
Variant female


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