Metamorphic Mahou Shoujo Puru Pururin

Welcome to the N.H.K.



This costume is basically a massive inside joke that probably only those who know me from my first year as president of Minna no Anime (Cal Poly SLO's anime club) truly get the magnificence of.

Long story short: we showed NHK in club, and there were some jokes about Pururin causing brain aneurisms. I would draw signs for the doors every week, and one day I decided to draw Pururin. And then I just kept drawing Pururin, throwing her into every sign possible in one way or another. I didn't keep up with drawing signs in general regularly, but I did keep up with the Pururin thing. Some were...weirder...than others (, scroll a bit)

So I decided to cosplay her at the Halloween party the next year. But still being president and having a huge role in running the thing, I didn't get it finished.

So I finished it the next year.

The costume's special on purpose. I normally wouldn't touch costume satin, but it was the most ridiculous, eye-gougingly shiny material I could think of. HORRIBLE to sew though, especially that scalloped skirt. Other than the wig and a few accessories like the bell, the rest of the costume was pieced together from extra fabric I had lying around because I was broke when I started the costume. The shoes I painted white so I wouldn't have to buy new ones.

I need better pictures of this thing... >>


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Character Metamorphic Mahou Shoujo Puru Pururin


Otaku Gunso I love your pururin cosplay too :o how come I never found you in the search though? I know not that many people cosplay her and I was looking for the least of all references xD