Sailor Mars - Swimsuit

Sailor Moon



Swimsuit – Just a nice red and white swim suit I found.

Bow – I made two rectangular pieces of purple cotton. The lower layer is a little longer than the top. The red gem is a large button that I covered with stuffed red satin. I hot glued a clamp to the back so that I could remove it, but the glue came off so I’ll have to stich the bow to the clamp for the next con.

Tiara – Made out of yellow craft foam. The red gem in the middle is from Michael’s. I glued small elastics to the ends so I can pin it under the wig.

Wig – Came from Animate. Same one I use for Tifa, my Tango Dancer, Temple Girl, and often when wearing kimono.

Spell – I printed up an image of her spell then laminated it so it wouldn’t get soggy near the water.

Choker – It’s mostly red ribbon that I added a loop and bar clasp. Ribbon was from Fabricland and the clasp from Dollar Tree.

Shoes – On sale from Walmart.


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Series Sailor Moon
Character Sailor Mars - Swimsuit
Variant Swimsuit


Maurishio-kun I really love that you chose red as a base color instead of white, it makes it look so beautiful and more unique as a Sailor Mars swimsuit <3