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I've always liked the movie Inside Out and I've always loved Disgust. So with that in mind, the fact of a simple dress and leggings, I literally had no worries.

The challenge here was that her design is hand embroidery. With that said, this is my very first costume, much less cosplay as a whole, to ever hand embroider.

Her dress is made from cotton fabric. The construction alone, without her design was 3 hours. The real job came in when I had to hand embroider all the pieces before creating one whole dress.

In terms of hand embroidery, the top took 5 hours, the two back pieces took another 5 hours (back piece #1 took 3 hours and back pieces #2 took 2 hours), and he skirt took 16 hours in total. So the hand embroidery on the dress as a whole took 26 hours to do.

With the construction of the dress alone, including the hand embroidery, the dress took a grand total of 36 hours to create.

Thankfully, the rest of the cosplay was simple. The leggings are polyester fabric took me an 1 hour to create. They were originally white, but dyed them with the synthetic Rit Dye (both green and black)

I added an invisible zipper to the back of the dress. I had to dye that also.

Due to the fact I have sensitive skin, I created a leotard for her skin color. The leotard was also polyester fabric and took 1 hour to create. It was also originally white, but used the synthetic Rit Dye (yellow and green)

Lastly, the panty hose was store bought, but dyed them yellow green.

The wig is from Arda Wigs, the shoes were originally black that I bought from Walmart for $5. I had leftover pink fabric to create her shoes. It took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to create.

So, in total construction time, it took me 40 hours and 15 minutes to create Disgust from Inside Out


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