Maki Nishikino

Love Live!

Patti and Steph had already made the glittery version of the maid outfits from Mogyutto Love De Sekkin Chuu that the voice actresses wore during their Final Love Live! ??'sic Forever concert, but since those aren't commercially available (so far as I can tell), they were able to swap out some of the glittery pieces for matte ones, and I was able to find the anime version for sale online. I was already drawn towards Maki, but when I looked at all of the girls' costumes, I knew I wanted one that had a fluffy skirt instead of a pencil skirt, and I definitely wanted thigh highs, and...I don't know. Maybe I was drawn to the purple bows because of Sailor Mars, maybe I just really *do* like Maki. Whatever.

This was bought online from Syndrome Store, but I ended up having to have it taken in quite a bit (and even did a bit of alteration on the accessories myself.) The shoes were bought on eBay.
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Series Love Live!
Character Maki Nishikino
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