Meoth (Lolita style Gijinka)




I've always liked the Lolita style dresses, but never got a chance to wear one. So I decided to get a pattern that was Lolita styled and made one myself. Plus, I've always had a soft spot for my occasional Pokemon moments ^_^

So, the dress itself is a pure white cotton dyed into an ivory color. The bows on it are all made by hand. at the sleeves, they're the cotton and I had some leftover chiffon that gave the dress an extra pop to it. The chiffon is also in the ruffles that I created.

For the dress, it took 23 hours to create by itself.

In terms of the cap, I decided to create a fleece cap. This was also pure white that was dyed into this ivory color. I used the the special Rit Dye for synthetic fabrics. I created the little 'things' that it has at the top and stuffed it with stuffing. The ears are the fleece and black cotton, along with some very little light tan suede I had leftover from one of my main cosplays. The little charm for Meowth is felt fabric hot glued at the top. The hat itself took 2 hours.

Lastly, the tail was not too bad. I used the same fleece fabric as the hat. I created the tail first, which was a little long. Then I stuffed it with stuffing. I lastly, curled it into the famous curl at the end. I hand stitched it into place, so it wouldn't come undone. When the construction aspect was done, I then decided to dye it then.

So I had to carefully watch where I dyed certain areas because of the color difference at the tail. It wasn't hard to figure out and it turned out perfectly.

The tail only took 1 hour.

I'm planning on having a little custom made pokeball to have on my waste.

The overall total of construction is 26 hours. So, little Meowth wasn't hard, just time consuming.


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