Eileen the Crow


Finally finished.

After two years of mental breakdowns, money issues, moving, a break up, etc etc I have finally finished her.

400+ feathers glued individually.
The coat was made completely from scratch without a proper pattern. I basically eyeballed the front closure and measured an even distance between each button.

All buttons are metal. All leather is real leather, except the gloves--I broke down and bought a pair of stretch faux leather that I modified with spray paint and jute.

The mask is made of plaster strips, gesso, spray paint, and leather strapping.

If you have any questions about how I went about this cosplay, please feel free to comment or reach out!
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Series Bloodborne
Character Eileen the Crow

BoydRA They were bought--and they look that way post-editing. My photographer accentuated the feathers a bit. But for the most part, they're black, but an iridescent sheen because they were dyed without bleaching the feathers. I did not do this, but bought them this way. The only paint applied was spray paint for a slightly red tint in parts of the feathers/coat.

Scunosi This really looks like you put a lot of work into it, it's really amazing! Were the feathers painted at all before gluing? They look so iridescent and crow-like but almost unnaturally so.